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Trade Show Tips for Small Office Furniture Businesses

One of the best ways to attract new customers to your small office furniture business is to exhibit at a trade show. Trade shows offer a potential platform for office furniture distributors and office furniture dealers to showcase their products and services to their target customers.… Read the rest

Modern Office Furniture Trends

The modern office has to be highly functional, comfortable and appealing. You can achieve these qualities for your office by installing the latest office furniture trends in your office. Now it is time to create the perfect layout, acquiring ideal chairs, desks and storage systems for your office.… Read the rest

Benefits of participating in office furniture trade shows

Office furniture dealers, manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, and designers should attend office furniture trade shows and exhibitions from time to time. There are many benefits of attending such events.

The biggest advantage you can gain by attending office furniture trade shows is that it allows one to learn about the latest office furniture trends and styles.… Read the rest

Tips to improve office furniture sales

Whether you are office furniture dealer or office furniture designer, you will want to boost your office furniture sales and so enjoy high profits. Here are some tips to help you improve your office furniture sales.

Make sure that the office furniture you are offering is appropriate for your target audience.… Read the rest

Better Your Office Furniture, The Better is Your Sale!

Your office is your second home! This fact cannot be denied as working employees often spend almost 9 or 10 hours of their day in the office. If the office interior is uncomfortable, then the employees might face troubles in working and might not deliver high levels of productivity.… Read the rest

Boost your employee efficiency with good office furniture designs

The office is the place where one works for at least 8 hours a day and where clients may visit you from time to time. So offices have to be such that the employees enjoy working there. This will require your office furniture to be conducive to comfortable efficient working practices as well.… Read the rest

Choosing an office furniture distributor

The services of office furniture distributors are of significant value to office furniture companies. They serve as the middle men between  an office furniture manufacturing company and the end buyers. By informing the manufacturing companies what buyers in a particular area or region really want to buy, furniture distributors and dealers help to improve the sales of these companies considerably.… Read the rest

Office furniture trade shows and exhibitions for an office furniture dealer

If you are an office furniture dealer, or an office furniture distributor, it is extremely important for you to attend office furniture trade shows and exhibitions that are held in your city or country, as well as those organised in other countries across the world.… Read the rest

Simple yet effective ways to improve your office furniture sales

If you own a small or a mid-sized office furniture business and want to improve your office furniture sale, here are some simple yet effective ways to achieve the same.

Join your local office furniture trade association and business league as these are often attended by several office furniture companies, both small and big, office furniture designers, importers, wholesalers, office furniture distributor, and others from the industry.… Read the rest

Office furniture exhibitions: should you attend them?

If you are an office furniture dealer, manufacturer, retailer, or designer, going through a dilemma that whether you should or should not attend a particular office furniture exhibitions, here are some of the key advantages they offer to help you make the best possible decision:… Read the rest