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All About Manufacturing Overseas

The range of products you have just launched can be used to exploit other geographical markets through manufacturing-under-licence partners. With    the intention of expanding business overseas, many businesses prefer to contract the job or go into a partnership with an overseas manufacturer.… Read the rest

A Guide to Expanding Your Business into Different Geographical Markets

Whether you are into an office furniture business or any other business, in order to get the desired recognition it is frequently necessary to spread out the business in different geographical markets. Buying companies in different product sectors or which are strong in different geographical markets is often the best way to expand a business successfully.… Read the rest

The Perfect Guide to Sell Your Furniture Business and Retire Peacefully

Owning your furniture business is very much like raising a child. You brought it to life, nurtured it, dedicated your time, energy and resources and helped it to grow into the magnificent enterprise it has become today. However, in the same way you’ve to let your child be free after a certain age, you also often have to give control of your furniture business to someone else.… Read the rest

Tips to Expand Your Furniture Business Globally

If you’re planning to take your furniture business globally, it will definitely require some investment. This investment will often primarily come from buying well-established companies in different geographical markets, which will enable you to get local connections for your furniture business without any problem.… Read the rest