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Why procure modular office furniture for your office?

If you wish to inspire productivity and creativity in your employees and want to create the workspace that they would love to escape to, buy modular office furniture. Say goodbye to those big and bulky pieces of traditional office furniture and furnish your office with modular office furniture pieces.… Read the rest

Cool office furniture design tips

If you are an office furniture designer or manufacturer, check out the cool office furniture design tips. Incorporate these design trends and styles in your office furniture to help  your company be at the cutting edge.

Make sure that your office furniture design is functional.… Read the rest

5 Ways Your Office Furniture Can Boost Productivity

Jsacs presents an Infographic on ‘5 Ways Your Office Furniture Can Boost Productivity’ which has been created with the big idea of showing how the choice of good furniture can help in getting higher productivity from your employees. Employees spend more than 8 hours in the office.… Read the rest