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Benefits of procuring office furniture for your workplace

No matter what the nature and scale of your business is, you will always need to  procure office furniture for your workplace.

Office furniture will help your employees discharge their duties effectively. Office tables, office chairs, desks, and other furniture items provide physical comfort to the employees, letting them work in a much better manner.… Read the rest

Buying Office Furniture : How and Where to Buy

Office furniture is an integral part of workplace aesthetics so choosing the right style of furniture is very important. When procuring office furniture , make sure that you choose the correct furniture style otherwise you may not be able to create the correct image and identity of your company to those who visit your office.… Read the rest

Seven tips for procuring the right office furniture

The right office furniture can make your office efficient and look stylish at the same time. It can improve the appearance of your office and can help impress your business clients and those who visit your office. It can also improve your employees’ productivity and can let them work comfortably.… Read the rest

Designing For Corporate Bodies-JSACS (video)

If you are looking for an office furniture consultant or contract furniture consultant who can offer you expert office furniture advice, trust one name — John Sacks. We at JSA Consultancy Services would understand the issues you are facing and would help you exploit some real business opportunities you have been waiting for!… Read the rest

Effect of Ergonomics on Employee Productivity presents an infographic titled ‘Effect of Ergonomics on Employee Productivity’ which aims to define what ergonomics is all about and why is it important for organizations to understand its impact on employee productivity. We have tried to get this idea across with the help of following points:

  • Definition of Ergonomics
  • Research as to how changing office layout impacts productivity
  • Common Ergonomics issues faced by employees
  • Ergonomics Solution
  • Real case studies

Visit JSA Consultancy Services for more information.… Read the rest