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The ergonomics of Office Furniture

The word ergonomic evolved from two Greek words – ‘ergo’ implying work and ‘nomos’ that means laws. Ergonomic office furniture is furniture that comfortably supports the people who use it for 8 -12 hours a day.

Furniture designers consider anthropometry, posture, and repetitive motions so that they can offer viable solutions for designing office furniture and fit-outs:

Anthropometry is the study that involves measurements of the proportions, size, and weight of the human body.… Read the rest

Office Furniture Consultants – Understanding Their Role

You work for at least eight hours in a day in office and where a number of clients may also visit for meetings from time to time. So it’s essential that offices are that place where the employees enjoy working and spending the most of their working time.… Read the rest

Eco Friendly Office Furniture

The ergonomics of office furniture is often discussed before ordering the supplies. A truly progressive organisation can also invest in products that are manufactured in an environmentally sound manner and use materials and processes that are environmentally sustainable. The use of wood to fabricate office desks, tables and storage units causes the felling of millions of trees.… Read the rest