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Neocon Review 2012 – an international perspective


The temperature in a sunny Chicago on Monday soared to a withering 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 Celsius), which encouraged the hoards of first day visitors to Neocon to stay inside the air conditioned Merchandise Mart, rather than venture outside. Although few would admit it, there had been some advance trepidation as to whether this Neocon would generate the excitement of shows gone by.… Read the rest

Add beauty to your office with the help of an office furniture distributor

Most companies keep their offices well decorated with just the right types of furniture that gives a high quality look to the entire d├ęcor. One can use contemporary, futuristic metal, wooden, minimalist style or fancy stylish models to achieve the desired look and feel in their office setting.… Read the rest

Office furniture consultant: The specialist for your office interiors

The aim of the office furniture consultant is to provide clients with accurate and definitive product advice of use to them and additionally to offer unbiased guidance regarding selection of office furniture from the best dealers and manufacturers.… Read the rest