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Ballistic Furniture Systems unveils new bullet-resistant product line for office systems

Wednesday 11 June 2014

Ballistic Furniture Systems, Inc. has unveiled its next-generation family of ballistic barrier technology, Amulet™ Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3, designed to seamlessly integrate into high-quality office systems with the strength to stop high-powered handgun and rifle fire.
The uniquely designed bullet-absorbing technology can be placed within commercial furniture, office and panel systems, as well as interior and exterior walls and doors. Most importantly: this could help shield innocent people from gunfire.
Amulet™ Series 1 and 2 resists bullets from some of the most high-powered handguns, including .44 Magnum. Series 3 is designed to stop rifle fire. Both Series 2 and 3 product lines are printable and can mimic virtually any surface, including wood-veneer. It can even serve as signage, or a design element for a wall or other structure.
Due to the brazen gun violence commonly seen in public spaces, Ballistic Furniture Systems introduced an industry-first, ballistic barrier system in furniture designed for the general public last year.
“This technology provides an entirely new perspective on improving the odds of survival when confronted with gun violence in the public space or at work. This is about saving lives,” said Jeffrey Isquith, Founder and CEO of Ballistic Furniture Systems. “Unfortunately, there have been more than 200 mass shootings in America since 1984. This is another effective way to increase safety.”
The company’s new products have been quickly embraced by a major office furniture manufacturer that plans to install their barrier systems in furnishings that will be distributed across the country. Virginia-based Open Plan Systems also has the capability of retrofitting other manufacturers’ furniture lines with the technology.
“We are so excited about offering Amulet™ in a variety of our office and panel systems, which we sell across the United States,” said Dean Williams, Managing Partner of Open Plan Systems. “This is a game changer for safety in office settings.”

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