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Things to Look When Choosing Office Furniture

Choosing the best office furniture seems quite a challenging task. Correct office furniture allows employees to work efficiently and comfortable at their workstations. Below you can find are of the important points to keep in mind when selecting the office furniture for your organization.… Read the rest

Importance of Furniture in an Office

Office furniture is a vital part of any office. It not only helps to maintain  pleasant working environment, but also makes an office visually impressive. Desks, chairs, bookshelves, cabinets and sofas are some of the most common types of furniture that are widely used in different types of offices. … Read the rest

The Perfect Guide to Sell Your Furniture Business and Retire Peacefully

Owning your furniture business is very much like raising a child. You brought it to life, nurtured it, dedicated your time, energy and resources and helped it to grow into the magnificent enterprise it has become today. However, in the same way you’ve to let your child be free after a certain age, you also often have to give control of your furniture business to someone else.… Read the rest

How to Promote Your Latest Range of Products in the International Furniture Market?

You have a feeling that the latest range of office furniture launched by your firm is a completely innovative and revolutionary idea and this is the perfect time to penetrate the international markets to get your brand introduced. However, if you’re willing to compete in the global arena, it’s always a good decision to be ready for the consequences and to go fully prepared to win the battle.… Read the rest

How to find New Overseas Market for your Furniture Business?

Once your furniture business is all set, and growing in your local market, it’s natural for you to consider expanding your business overseas and target an entirely new audience to explore new business opportunities. However, the fact is expanding your furniture business internationally is easier said than done.… Read the rest

The Perfect Guide on How to Explore Overseas Market

If you’re able to achieve great success while carrying out your furniture business domestically but now you feel that your business has reached a certain saturation point in the local market; it might be the right time to expand your business in the global market.… Read the rest

Find Licensed Partners with JSA

If you are looking to explore global markets and sell your furniture overseas, JSA can help you find partners for manufacturing-under-license agreements for manufacturing the new products and markets. Due to its international reach and clients of major countries dealing in office furniture business, it will make you locate marketers and sellers in different geographical areas.… Read the rest

Thinking of expanding your office furniture business? JSA has it under control.

The opportunities in the field of office furniture business can be exploited by buying and collaborating companies overseas. All one needs is the advice and guidance of a consultancy that can help you to locate opportunities and strategies for the acquisition.… Read the rest

Office furniture pieces that you can’t do without

Office furniture is integral to every office. The right office furniture not only lends a professional look to the office space, it also allows the employees to sit and work comfortably all day long. Employees spend long hours in office. If they are not provided with the correct office furniture, they tend to acquire many work related injuries and illnesses, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back and shoulder pain, aching legs, and other injuries.… Read the rest

How to analyse an office furniture market?

The office furniture market encompasses many companies involved in the manufacturing, distribution and retailing of office furniture. Office furniture is mainly designed by these companies for optimum functions in a workplace environment. Manufacturers of office furniture make use of the latest technology while designing their products so that it meets the requirement of their clients.Read the rest