Office Furniture Buying Guide [Infographic]

Every business entrepreneur wishes that his company is able to drive in more customers and keep the existing ones happy. However, this thought can only be executed if the company is good enough for the employees, as well as, for its clients.Read the rest

How does the right office furniture design increase productivity?

Office furniture design
If you own a business, it is imperative to invest in the right office furniture design to help increase the productivity of your staff as well as boosting sales. Find out how the right office furniture design can increase productivity and uplift sales.… Read the rest

Ways to Give Your Workspace a Powerful Office Interior Décor

The office is a place where people often spend the greatest amount of time in  their lives. A good ambiance that motivates its employees is not hard to create. You can use elements that can shape up the office and increase the productivity of the employees

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Vastu Tips for Your Business Growth

Are you not happy with the erratic performance of your company? Have you incurred losses in your business endeavours in the past? One of the reasons could be that you might not have set-up your office in the right manner, leading to it  not giving you the desired results.… Read the rest

A Happy Place of Work can Change your Life

A dull-looking, filthy, cluttered office can seem very depressing and lead to increased issues of sicknesses and illnesses in the office, resulting in a loss of productivity. In contrast to that, a visually-appealing office with spacious workstations, ergonomic furniture, vibrant wall shades will encourage employees to work efficiently, eventually reducing decreasing sick leave.… Read the rest

Designing Office in a Professional Way

Are you planning to revamp your old workspace and give it a new look? A good office is all about its working atmosphere, which is not only determined by the personality of your employees who work there, but also about the style of architecture, furniture, and interior design.… Read the rest

Five Ways to Grow Your Small Office Furniture Business

You have done lots of research, sought advice from office furniture consultants, and invested a great deal  of your time and money to get your office furniture business off the ground. If you have survived the start-up and are wondering how to take your business to the next level, here are five  ways to help you grow your small office furniture business.… Read the rest

Space-Saving Office Furniture for Small Offices.

For small offices, it is imperative to buy space-saving office furniture to help employees stay organised and complete their work comfortably. As well as keeping the employees comfortable, space saving furniture can make the office space look attractive and professional.
Given below are some of the space-saving office furniture items for compact office spaces
  1. Rolling Computer Tables – these are amongst the most compact furniture designs available in computer desks.
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Trade Show Tips for Small Office Furniture Businesses

One of the best ways to attract new customers to your small office furniture business is to exhibit at a trade show. Trade shows offer a potential platform for office furniture distributors and office furniture dealers to showcase their products and services to their target customers.… Read the rest

Top Five Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Office Furniture

Buying new office furniture can be challenging. It is important to decide what pieces to buy, where to buy them from , and how much to spend. If you are thinking of buying office furniture for your new business or you want to carry out  a complete make-over for your existing offices, avoid the 5 most common mistakes when buying office furniture.… Read the rest