Orgatec Review 2010

Around 61,000 visitors from 110 countries visited Orgatec 2010 , the world’s leading trade fair for offices and facilities held in Cologne, Germany, in October 2010, to gain an insight into the latest and the prevailing trends and innovations within the global office and facility furnishings sector. However, those of you who couldn’t make it to the big event can now read on the Orgatec Review 2010.

JSA consultancy, a leading office furniture and interiors consultancy firms has come up with a comprehensive Orgatec Review 2010. The Orgatec review by JSA consultancy covers everything you wanted to know about this grand event. Be it the major details such as the number of participants, the main highlights of the office furniture exhibition, the office furniture designs, styles, and trends, the latest developments in the field of technology and innovation for office furniture, or the minute observations like the style of exhibition stands and displays, their colours, etc, you can get it all in the Orgatec Review 2010 by JSACs.

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